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Android, what a great platform! We love developing cool Android apps at ixPocket, even more than we love developing cool iPhone apps :)

Use the drop down menu above to view some of our recent Android application developments. If you’d like your own Android app developed, please get in touch.

If you’re considering developing an Android app, you’ll probably want to know the following first:

  • How not to loose control of your customers to your Android app developer
  • How Android Market editorial policies will affect your app
  • How the Android submission process differs from the Apple submission process
  • How to choose which Android store to list on (there are many)
  • Why Android has the potential to be even more successful than iPhone and why now is the time to start

This is why we should talk. If you want a little more information about Android and its current position in the market take a look at these links:

Let’s get your Android project on the road, contact us here.