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<This is an old page that we keep here just in case it’s useful to anyone, the situation has significantly improved since we wrote this and you are unlikely to experience any problems using apps on your phone nowadays. None the less, if you do, we hope the following will be helpful.>

When you buy a new mobile phone, occasionally it is not set up correctly to send and receive data from mobile applications. This page is here to help you set up your phone with the minimum amount of hassle. We suggest you try the following in order.

Especially if you have just bought a prepay SIM card, you may need to ask your network provider (eg Vodafone) to enable your account for data access. You should also check that you have credit in your account!

If you are still having trouble you may need to update the settings on your mobile phone.

The quickest way of getting the correct data settings is to use the global setup pages provided by the following manufacturers (links will open in a new window). There is no standard name for these settings, but typically they are labelled with one or more of the follwing: Operator Settings / Configuration Settings / Internet/Data/WAP/ISP/GPRS/Java Settings

Sony Ericsson




<The link we had for Nokia no longer works, if you know what it is please let us know!>

If you are still having trouble or your phone manufacturer is not shown in the list, you may need to ask your network provider for your settings. If you are in the UK you may find the following links useful, unfortunately they keep changing so if you come accross any dead links, please send me an email to let me know (eric [at] All the numbers listed below should be called from the same network as the phone that you are having trouble with.

Orange data setup – call 156 from an Orange phone
Vodafone data setup – call 191 from a vodafone phone
Virgin data setup – call 789 from a Virgin phone
O2 data setup – iPhone & Palm Pre call 2302 / monthly contract call 202 / pay & go call 4445
T-Mobile data setup – call 150 from a T-Mobile phone

The following external site also provides resources to help you set up your phone correctly (link will open in a new window): FileSaveAs.

A few handsets require GPRS settings with an Internet APN not a WAP APN to run network based java applications, so even if you have GPRS settings on your phone already and can browse WAP pages, you may find you still need to go through these steps to set up your phone correctly. You may also occasionally come accross a combination of phone and network contract the does not allow you to access a data network via a java application at all (even though you may browse the internet). For example back in 2008, O2 had decided not to allow java to have network access from a Nokia 6300 on their pre-pay tarrif, I’m not aware if this situation has since changed, let me know if it has!